Drop It Like It’s Hot

I just found the courage to face the Art Appreciation teacher and beg to be added to the class.

Political Science 90 (Government).

Someone please hand me a add/drop slip before my IQ falls any lower. And my refund!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, the professor, or the subject matter. Probably a combination of all three, yet most other students (guys) in the class seemed just fine. What I do know is that it’s not fun to be confused for 3 hours. It makes you feel…. less than intelligent.

So if all goes well with the addition of the Art Appreciation class (please), then I will take that and keep that other history class which doesn’t even compare to this Poly Sci class. I don’t even care that I will have two classes on Thursday evenings, with only an hour in between for a quick dinner. I won’t have any classes on Wednesdays or Fridays, which will be the payoff. Oh and a better GPA in the end, hello.

What can I say? I’m more of a biological science type of girl.





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