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  • 4 down, 4 to go!

    Fall Semester 2009: Check!(via Google images) Today marked the completion of the fastest-semester-of-my-life. I know, I always say they’re fast, but really, this is getting ridiculous!! Ridiculous in a good way of course, because school certainly isn’t my favorite thing in the world. Last semester I didn’t have a finals week, but this semester I […]

  • Drop It Like It’s Hot

    I just found the courage to face the Art Appreciation teacher and beg to be added to the class. Political Science 90 (Government). Someone please hand me a add/drop slip before my IQ falls any lower. And my refund! I’m not sure if it’s just me, the professor, or the subject matter. Probably a combination […]

  • First Impressions

    Two days down. So far, so good not too bad. I don’t know why I doubt myself, but my first impressions of classes are usually not good for me. I admit it, professors and syllabi intimidate me! Yes, me, the over achieving, 4.0 student. If and when I’m ever in the front of a classroom, […]

  • Ready or not, here I come

    After some deep thought, praying, listening, talking, and option weighing…. I’ve made up my mind! I started to change my schedule around and I kinda liked it. …Well, as much as you can like a schedule of classes. I’ve decided to take 12 hours at S&T this semester. I will have two education labs that […]