Monday Monday

Yesterday I straightened my hair for the first time since May. My perm is getting boring now and I was missing my straight hair.
As you can see, it’s so long. A low ponytail is 12 inches. I can’t wait to cut it all off (and donate it)! I just don’t know how much longer I’ll wait… What do you think? The downside: Short hair during cold months!


Today my Dove promise message said, “Think of someone that makes you smile.”


Oops, I just gave myself away about eating chocolate…

I miss him!


My mom and I are tackling a HUGE project. We’re repainting the whole house (besides my room since my Dad painted it last year) and then getting new flooring (we’re not doing that part, but we are painting). We’ve had the same flooring and paint (besides my room) the 15 years we’ve lived here. We started to prep the living room this weekend. This is the first time that someone other than my Dad will paint walls in our house. He’ll be right here guiding us, though. We learned from the best.







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