Falling out of Summer

A few weeks ago, in the middle of August, I could already smell autumn in the breeze. I’ve been feeling its effects too; the goosebumps on my arms and legs are proof. August is quickly coming to a close, which brings September and thus, a new season. The nights are cooler and the days are following suit. It seems much colder than the norm here in Missouri; tonight is in the low 50’s. Some leaves are even starting to lose their green color, which will really become evident soon. It’s sneaking in, kicking summer out of the scene. Weather whether we like it or not, it’s inevitable.

For me, this brings less than joyful feelings because I don’t want to say goodbye to summer! Spring and summer are my favorites and they seem to be cut short compared to fall and winter. Why don’t I like this season of pumpkins, colorful leaves, apple cider, bonfires, and cool weather? Well, I admit fall can be a lot of fun, but there’s a few things that really ruin it for me.

I would like the season of fall more if…
spring followed, instead of winter. Yuck.

when the leaves fall off, new buds would immediately come in their place.
summer lasted longer.
it didn’t mean another year of school was starting.
I could spend it with my love!!
it didn’t remind me of last fall.
summer was twice as long.
winter didn’t replace it. Yes, it’s important to repeat this point.
if I didn’t get cold so easily.
I lived in Florida.
I didn’t mind spending money on fall clothes.. they’re more expensive than a cute summer dress and flip flops!
Ryan was by my side to keep me warmer. ;)
cold season didn’t start. Specifically this year, H1N1 flu season.
it wasn’t in preparation for winter.
the sun didn’t set so early.
the grass stayed green.

Today is just the last day of August so we officially have more of summer left… But it might as well be fall already. It feels like it’s making an early arrival this year.


Dear Autumn,

I’m sorry that summer is hard to live up to; almost impossible in my eyes. I’m also sorry that winter comes after you, and ruins our time together. Maybe sometime I can learn to love you for who you are, and not compare you to others. That would be more kind of me. And once life allows more enjoyable circumstances, then we can all be happy. See ya around.

Warm regards,
A bitter young woman

P.S.- Do me a favor and keep winter away as long as possible.






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