I don’t remember 05.05.05 or the “triple dates” before that.

I do remember June 6th, 2006, only because I was scared of that date. (Side note about that number: I was also scared when my odometer read triple sixes for 100 miles. Something bad did in fact happen during that time. The ex bf – rebound fight if you really have to know.)

I’ve never really thought much about my future wedding plans. But at this point in time (2006), I realized that the next triple date years would be awesome for a wedding day! I think it would be cool to purposely choose a wedding day for the significance of the numbers in some way.

I wanted to get married on 07.07.07, except everyone else had the same idea. Oh and then I realized I was too young.

So instead I thought 08.08.08 would be perfect! I always wished my birthday was on 8.8.88. Buuut, it didn’t work out so much. Probably a good thing since we broke-up soon after. (Yes, unfortunately I remember that date too and it has now passed for this year.)

Okay, I thought, maybe 09.09.09 would be better. Obviously not so much.

10.10.10 , 11.11.11 , and 12.12.12 just aren’t ideal months to get married for me so it looks like I missed the triple date opportunities. The timing just wasn’t right. I’ll have to come up with a new date with meaning.

Is 2014 pushing it? ;)

Perhaps I should consider engagement before setting the date. Or my “new” role as a girlfriend.






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