Final Summer Fling

Summer isn’t over until we make a visit to the Lake House.

If you thought I disappeared, I sorta did… I spent my Labor Day weekend relaxing among family (along with the infamous amounts of E. coli in the Lake of the Ozarks) at my Aunt & Uncle’s Lake House getaway. Unfortunately, Ryan wasn’t included in this mix due to the inconvenient distance between here and there.

The weather wasn’t very cooperative, but we still enjoyed each other’s company, shopping, lots of delicious food, crossword puzzles, games, lounging and the pleasantness of the house itself. When the sun did decide to join us, we went out on a few pontoon boat outings. The last day we even brought out the swimsuits, although the breeze was a little chilly. I tried to fish for a minute, until I quickly realized it was wishful thinking. The sad truth is I think my skin met sunscreen for the first time this summer. Not because I baked in the sun all summer long, but because I never found myself in the position to need it.

Although the weekend was good, it was also bittersweet, similar to many things in my life these days. One, because Labor Day weekend is pretty much a goodbye to summer and second, that was the first time we’ve ever been to the Lake House without my Dad. Over the summers, we’ve made many great memories there riding wave runners, spending days on the dock, enjoying time with family and friends: sweet. But it’s bitter that last summer was the last time with my Dad there with us. It’ll never ever be the same.

Now I’m back here in reality, back the same ‘ol routine. Well, a little different since today I started my observation in a 3rd grade classroom. It’ll be every day during school hours until I complete my 60 hours. More on that later!

It was a welcoming change to get away from here, even if it wasn’t very far nor for very long.





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