10 inches lighter

Have you ever noticed that when people, females in particular, need a change or their life presents change, a new hair cut/style is usually involved? Take notice after a break-up, baby, marriage, and so on, I’m not making this up!

I’ve been faced with many major changes in the past few years, recently the passing of my Dad, which will forever affect me. I hope for changes that are positive in the near future. I also needed a change in hair, so what better time than now?

In August 2007, right before I left to a Florida vacation and then started college, I decided to get a hair cut. It was the shortest I had ever had, but definitely not short short. Then I decided that would be my last hair cut for a while because I wanted to grow it out. I felt like long hair makes me feel “pretty.”

August 07

As I’ve been patiently watching it grow longer since then, I have been faced with many other situations that require patience. I’ve started college, faced an illness and death within my family, coped with a break-up, got back with Ryan, and little things in between! It’s been a rough 2 years and it just so happens that I’ve been growing my hair out along the way.

Call me silly, but I was thinking this haircut could kind of represent letting go of pain and bitterness that I don’t need to hold on to and continuing on with my life. It’s time for a change. A good change. I just don’t know what that will be yet.

I’ve always wanted to donate my hair and this was an ideal time. I am donating 10 inches to Locks of Love, and with a combination of 6-10 other donations, a wig will be made for a child in need! The strange thing is, through all the chemo treatments my Dad went through (which is too many to count), he never lost all of his hair. They kept telling him he would, so he would cut it short, but it never completely fell out. There were a couple times he noticed some falling out, but he never had a bald head. It goes along with everything else in his situation, from the very beginning he was always in the rare category. His case was rare right down to not losing his hair. However, he lost many other things like weight, his bottom teeth, ability to open his mouth, and time here on Earth. After watching all of this happen right in front of me, I feel like donating my hair to a child who has lost part of him/herself is something very little and easy I can do to help. It just makes sense for me right now.

So I made an appointment for Wednesday the 7th and was just a little bit sad about cutting it. But more so excited! The tangly mess put me in a bad mood every time I took a shower.

I’ll first show you when I was in the process of straightening my hair. The right side shows what happens when you brush out a perm! ‘FRO!

Here’s the less embarrassing before picture. It was in the middle of my back when straightened!

And during….

10 inches OFF! Wow, my head feels lighter already.

And the real after pictures are yet to come.. once Ryan sees it in real life IN ONE WEEK! :) Not that I’m excited to see him for the first time in oh, about two months minus a week!!! I hope he likes it!

I got a lot of compliments from high schoolers, whatever their opinion may be worth. I don’t know if it makes me look younger or older, as in maybe 13 or 17, but certainly not 21 years old! You know, my real age.

I like it so far– it takes about two seconds to brush!! I’m questioning if I should get it cut shorter because when I went in I had no idea what I wanted. Hmm.. it’s yet to be decided!






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