Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday. This blog carnival was created by MckMama.

Two Saturdays ago, you wouldn’t have found me talking on the phone just shy of 4 hours, with the conversation ending at 3 AM. Nope, and I didn’t miss church the next morning!! And Ryan certainly wasn’t right in his prediction when he said, “You’ll be on the phone for 4 hours!” Ryan is never right. ;)

It wasn’t me who accidently put my underwear on inside out and didn’t care to fix them.

I don’t know who would do this, but I certainly don’t FB stalk. If I did, I wouldn’t pick up on hints of people who are pregnant and then ask people about it. No way!

I’m not such a loser that I would do homework and study on a Saturday night. Nope, not me– I have a life, thankyouverymuch.

I’m not the one responsible for making these delicious, homemade cookies disappear by 2 or 3 each day. I am strong enough to resist the yummy temptation!!!

I would never take such a hot shower that I would have to get out and sit down after feeling faint.

I do not have an ever increasing fear of everything medical. Obviously, I call the dentist about wisdom teeth and doctors about probable fluid in my ear. I’m a smart patient!

What about my eyebrows? I certainly didn’t neglect them for a month until I had to send my BF a picture. My eyebrows are always nicely shaped and never resemble caterpillars.

Who, me? I’m not considering living in a bubble because of all the sickness just beginning to make rounds.

Enough of my confessions! Tell me something you haven’t done lately.






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