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  • Not Me! Monday

    Welcome to Not Me! Monday. This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Two Saturdays ago, you wouldn’t have found me talking on the phone just shy of 4 hours, with the conversation ending at 3 AM. Nope, and I didn’t miss church the next morning!! And Ryan certainly wasn’t right in his prediction when he […]

  • Guilt + Pleasure

    I have an easily guilted conscience, even by little things like playing a prank on someone. One good thing about it is it makes me live an honest life! I cannot tell lies, small or big. Here are some of my guilty pleasures… Things I feel a little guilty about enjoying. 1. Taking a long, […]

  • FB & AIM vacation

    It’s been about 24 hrs since I de-activated my FB and no withdrawals yet ;) Oh and not only am I on a FB leave, but also an AIM leave as of yesterday afternoon. Both of these are for at least a week. Preferably longer for FB. Why did I decide to do this? I […]