Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday. This blog carnival was created by MckMama.

Two Saturdays ago, you wouldn’t have found me talking on the phone just shy of 4 hours, with the conversation ending at 3 AM. Nope, and I didn’t miss church the next morning!! And Ryan certainly wasn’t right in his prediction when he said, “You’ll be on the phone for 4 hours!” Ryan is never right. ;)

It wasn’t me who accidently put my underwear on inside out and didn’t care to fix them.

I don’t know who would do this, but I certainly don’t FB stalk. If I did, I wouldn’t pick up on hints of people who are pregnant and then ask people about it. No way!

I’m not such a loser that I would do homework and study on a Saturday night. Nope, not me– I have a life, thankyouverymuch.

I’m not the one responsible for making these delicious, homemade cookies disappear by 2 or 3 each day. I am strong enough to resist the yummy temptation!!!

I would never take such a hot shower that I would have to get out and sit down after feeling faint.

I do not have an ever increasing fear of everything medical. Obviously, I call the dentist about wisdom teeth and doctors about probable fluid in my ear. I’m a smart patient!

What about my eyebrows? I certainly didn’t neglect them for a month until I had to send my BF a picture. My eyebrows are always nicely shaped and never resemble caterpillars.

Who, me? I’m not considering living in a bubble because of all the sickness just beginning to make rounds.

Enough of my confessions! Tell me something you haven’t done lately.

Guilt + Pleasure

I have an easily guilted conscience, even by little things like playing a prank on someone. One good thing about it is it makes me live an honest life! I cannot tell lies, small or big.

Here are some of my guilty pleasures… Things I feel a little guilty about enjoying.

1. Taking a long, hot shower.

I feel environmentally unfriendly.

2. Rap music.
Used to listen to it all time, but stopped because the lyrics are (usually) inappropriate.

3. Eating a high calorie dessert, bacon, fast food, fried food.
Unhealthy choices.

4. Following celebrity (ex: Jon & Kate) or real life gossip.
I’m really not that bad, but I know I shouldn’t involve myself in gossip at all!

5. Facebook.
Oh, FB… need I explain? It’s a love/hate relationship.

6. Buying clothes that aren’t on sale.
I could’ve waited until it went on sale.

7. Catching more fish than Ryan.
A little guilty because he has to take my fishes off my hook, help me get untangled, etc, which takes away from his time!

8. Blogging or sleeping when I have homework that needs attention.
Should be doing homework obviously!

9. When I don’t answer my phone at 6 AM to sub.
I feel guilty, but I really shouldn’t because I’m not obligated to answer.

10. Chewing ice.
I wonder if the dentist will notice.

11. Playing a joke on someone (like when I certainly didn’t throw a spider on Ryan while he was sleeping.)
Even if it’s just silly & little, I still feel guilty.

12. Wasting my time doing pretty much nothing. (Although too much is not pleasurable.)
There’s probably something better I could be doing with my time.

13. Doing nothing but sleeping and cuddling all day… okay, only sometimes I feel guilty.
I think Ryan feels more guilt than I do because he has a never ending to-do list. Me? Not so much.

14. Skipping class or enjoying a cancelled class
I still have to pay for it and I’m missing out on learning… At AU, my nerdy friend and I figured up how much each class costs and so if we didn’t go to class, we knew we were wasting $50.00.
What are yours?

FB & AIM vacation

It’s been about 24 hrs since I de-activated my FB and no withdrawals yet ;) Oh and not only am I on a FB leave, but also an AIM leave as of yesterday afternoon. Both of these are for at least a week. Preferably longer for FB.

Why did I decide to do this?
I get soo discouraged because I waste time and I think it sucks motivation out of me. So I found some kind of will power and did it!
Plus, who needs those silly things anyway? ;) The phone is way better, right Nour?

Speaking of withdrawals, I am having one kind– RYAN RAY. In fact, I know I do. Oh please hurry February. I don’t even like you this year. Ok, that was a little harsh, but it will be a lonely 2.14.