Final post of NaBloPoMo

This post marks my successful completion of NaBloPoMo!

There were some days it was rather inconvenient to post, like when I studied entirely too much for a history test and about gave myself an anxiety attack : see here : or when I traveled 380 miles and was trying to hang out with my boyfriend : see here : but nonetheless, I did it! I’d like to think I wrote a couple of decent posts during the month. No way, no how was I going to give up what I had started (okay, maybe I considered it.) And hey, this is actually my 31st post, so take that NaBloPoMo! I’m not sure that I would do this again because I’d rather blog when I want and not feel pressured to do so. It kind of spoils the fun. We’ll see how long I stay in this habit of posting everyday. Now tell me, did you pass or fail NaBloPoMo?


Do you remember when I told you to go sign up for a blog makeover giveaway at The Duncan Dialogues? Well, there were only 12 entries (I was 3 of the 12) so you really missed out. Especially because I won!!! However, as you probably already know, I already won a blog makeover. Actually two of them. One of them I gave to Mrs. Haid and this one is going to another blog friend at Traveling Light! Early Merry Christmas! Now go follow her and wait for her new design. And next time, you better listen when I tell you to enter a giveaway. Otherwise, I’ll win them all and give them to you. (That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, now does it?)

FYI : It’s Holiday Giveaway Week here and there’s also a huge holiday giveaway here. And once again, I’m reminding you to enter to win a blog makeover from A Blog To Brag About.


Today is Cyber Monday… have you found any good deals? Do share! How about $3 worth of mp3s on Amazon.. for free! Go get three songs or a special $5 deal on select CDs. Now! You could even buy John Tibbs’ The Small EP. My boyfriend is part of that band. Speaking of them, on their way back from the MO State Youth Convention in Springfield, MO, they surprised me and stopped by our house yesterday for a few minutes! You know what that means… I got a few more hugs to last me until Christmas break! :) (Except they won’t really last me, I need one now. I also need a nap because I got 5 hours of sleep.)


If you’re anything like me, you should also know it’s Baby Week on Discovery Health! It’s even better than Shark Week.


Sometime in the near future, there will be a post on house renovations! I just got new carpet in my room today and rearranged when I moved my furniture back. It’s a nice change.


One hour until class! Hope you enjoyed my random post.

Goodbye November!





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