It’s beginning to look a lot like….


When I said bring on Christmas time yesterday, I certainly wasn’t expecting it in our house anytime soon.

I think this is a household record breaker. We put up our Christmas tree in November and I didn’t even have to beg my Mom like usual! This is unheard of around here to have Christmas decorations out this early. My Mom doesn’t even like Christmas. I know, she’s really weird and Grinch-like. My Grandma must have brought along some Christmas spirit because on top of that, she even made cookies and we watched The Santa Clause. There was even some Christmas music played. It was a good day, although something was missing… more like someone (Ryan!) And another someone, missing in a different kind of way (My Dad.)

Granted, the tree is fake and it’s just a little one (taller than me of course), but who said we can’t get a real one too? (I say we are, but she doesn’t know yet.) But it sure smells like we have a real tree in here… Mmm.

My brother didn’t appreciate my singing too well… weird.

(Oh Nine) Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree
How lovely are your (fake) branches

My brother and I set it up, and my Mom used her creativity to decorate it with antique bandanas, hats, purses, lace, etc.

I just love Christmas trees! What about you? Real or fake, theme-y or not, is November too early for you? I say the longer the Holiday season, the better!





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