My (lack of) jewelry

Last fall (2008) I got the urge to get my ears pierced a second time. It was kind of a strange idea, considering I hardly ever wore earrings in the ear piercings I already had… yet I wanted another set? But then I thought that maybe it would make me want to wear earrings… x 2. And maybe I was bored. And boyfriend-less.

My Mom says that when I was 3 years old I made the decision to get my ears pierced. I don’t remember making the decision, but I think I remember getting one ear pierced and then crying and not wanting the other. (Yes, I still got the other one.) However, I might’ve made that image up in my mind after hearing the story and I just think I remember. You know how that happens with memories sometimes?

Anyway, even though I’ve had my ears pierced for many years, I’ve never been crazy about earrings. I haven’t owned very many pairs and like I said, I’ve gone through phases where I didn’t wear any. I’m just not really big on jewelry in general… maybe because there’s too many dang choices and I’m not good at making decisions. There are cheap ones, expensive ones, cheap ones that look expensive … homemade or store-bought … you can find jewelry almost anywhere … you can buy a whole collection (like my Aunt Marla) or wear the same thing everyday… Earrings are pretty much the only jewelry I wear. If I wanted to wear a bracelet, I would have problems finding one for my little wrist anyway.

Or you can have jewelry passed down to you. My Mom gave me her promise ring for my 16th birthday.. just a cheap thing, but even more special to me now (even though it’s gold). I haven’t wore it in a long time because when I would wear it, I would play with it way too much (Annoying! Kind of like when I wear something with buttons. What’s my deal?)

But someday I hope to proudly wear a ring everyday. :) Which, by the way, I find it very strange that my parents stopped wearing their wedding rings a while back… I guess it was mostly because they didn’t fit anymore. Confession: I have no idea what size ring I (would) wear. I feel so non-girly!

Back to my story... I decided to get my ears pierced again anyway. Honestly, I was a little bit nervous since I didn’t remember what it felt like, but I figured it couldn’t hurt that bad. I made an appointment for December with the same lady who has been cutting our family’s hair for 10 years+. She asked if I wanted someone else to use the other gun so I could get both sides done at the same time. Sure, why not?

I now have an answer to that question. If the other person isn’t really experienced on using a piercing gun, they might accidentally place the earring in the wrong spot. The to-be hole was marked with a pen, but the gun jumped… uh oh.

I looked in the mirror and at first we all thought they looked fine. We changed our minds a few minutes later and thought maybe one earring wasn’t in the right spot. After more examination, we decided it definitely wasn’t. Plus, even if I didn’t care that it was quite a bit uneven, it was too close to the edge of my ear lobe and might get ripped out easily.

After hearing many apologies (I honestly wasn’t that mad) I left that place with only one new piercing. We ending up taking the other out and decided I would come back for a re-piercing when it healed in a week or so.

We were very cautious the second time… making sure to get the earring in just the right spot. It was successful and I ended up getting three free piercings out of the deal. Ha. (By the way, it didn’t hurt.)

Around the same time, my Mom bought me some nice earrings for my original piercings “to make me look older” (ha, that’s a joke) but I still haven’t bought new ones for my second piercings. I just found some that were laying around the house and I’ve been wearing them ever since. I have looked, but have had no luck yet. Oh well, I’m not all that concerned as you can probably tell.

I’m pretty boring.. I wear the same earrings everyday. I like it that way though. It’s simple. It keeps me from spending money on endless amounts of earrings (not that I want to anyway.. I’d rather buy underwear or something!)

Side note: My boyfriend had his ears gauged before… like, in pre-Mindy times. The holes never closed all the way (duh), but he doesn’t wear anything in them anymore. Knowing him now, it’s weird to think that he had piercings! Sometimes, against his will, I like to stick my earrings in there and laugh at him.

Tell me about your jewelry-wearing ways!





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