Thursday Thirteen: Weekend plans

13 Plans for this weekend

(Whoa, I actually have plans!)

1) Cuddle like there’s no tomorrow.
2) Snuggle (does it count if I use another word for cuddling?)
3) Figure out how to cuddle and blog at the same time because of NaBloPoMo.
4) Entertain myself while driving miles of boring highway. Go 65 mph in Illinois because I’m too scared to speed. Speed in STL because everyone else is doing it.
5) Pretend I’m not currently enrolled in school.
6) Find out a way to take hugs back to Missouri and save them for later.
7) Kidnap my boyfriend.
8) Make up for lost xoxos.
9) Share bff hugs and laughs. Talk about “the trips” and the holidays. Convince her to go to grad school in Florida.
10) Go by central time to extend open house hours. Tell this to the RA (in the room next to my bf)
11) Be normal. Never have the need to say the word anxiety. Feel normal. Talk my digestive system into being kind. Breathe.
12) Keep my boyfriend in line by making him catch up on sleep.
13) Forget that it’s Friday the 13th and that I’m secretly superstitious.

Plus one more for good measure…


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