Wishful Wednesday

Do you ever make at wish at 11:11? I do sometimes, even though I’m not sure why I do it! It’s kind of silly I guess. Since today is 11.11, it must be the ultimate day to make a wish! Plus, incase you missed my last post, my wishes came true last year on 11.11.

So I decided that today I will do a Wishful Wednesday, not only because of the alliteration, but also because of the date!

(Did I mention I’m really good at wishing? I wish my life away one day at a time.)

I’m going to keep these light-hearted, because after all, it’s just a wish. Although they do say … be careful what you wish for.

I wish…..

I could snap my fingers and be in Anderson. Then kidnap Ryan. Snap. And be by the ocean.

God would send me a letter in the mail describing my plans for the next year.

My wisdom teeth were non-existant. But since they aren’t, I wish that at my next appointment, the dentist would say that they can stay.

My art appreciation class would be cancelled tomorrow night.

I could take anxiety out of my vocabulary (and life.)

I could give my love a kiss right NOW. And now. And now…. (You get the idea.)

It was summertime. All the time. (Or spring– I’d accept that too.)

I could drink coffee (well technically I can, but I mean without digestive problems. You know, like a normal person.)

My spin ID number would come up on Wheel of Fortune and I’d win a nice, tropical vacation. (Oops, I just confessed that I watch it.)

We could cuddle every single night. Starting tonight.

I would have easy labor and deliveries like my Mom’s… she’s always said “I could have babies for a living.” (I’m saving this wish for when I’m like, um, 30!)

We lived on a paved road so my car would look black like it’s supposed to.

That my hair would look good without frying it straightening it.

That college credits could be traded and transferred among people. Anyone have an Organic Chem they’d be willing to give up? I’ll trade you for a General Psych credit… I have two of ’em, both A’s. :0)

I could sing…. well enough that I would stand in front of people and feel good about it.

I could see what it’s like to be taller and less petite, just for a day. I’d want to walk around in a crowded area, try on jeans without the short label, hug my boyfriend, push a grocery cart, hold a baby, stand next to kids… ahhh, the endless new experiences.

Facebook stalking was a career. (KIDDING.)

Alright, I’ll all wished out for now.

But before I go, one last one….

I wish you would leave a comment on this post and tell me a wish or two.





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