21 Christmases: Final

Here’s the last look into my 21 Christmases. It isn’t as fun though… I’m growing up and the pictures are limited, but I had to finish what I started!

(If you missed the others, the cuter pictures are here and here.)

1997: 9 years old
Fresh out of bed?

1998: 10 years old

1999: 11 years old

2000: 12 years old
Cousins on my Mom’s side

2001: 13 years old

2002: 14 years old
Some of my Dad’s family

2003: 15 years old
This is the only picture I could find from this year! Notsogood!

2004: 16 years old

2005: 17 years old

2006: 18 years old
This bad cell phone picture is the best I can do…

2007: 19 years old
I can’t find a picture of me from this year… so I’ll show you my Christmas door decoration in my dorm at the time (we won the contest!)

2008: 20 years old

And my 22nd Christmas is coming right up…

2009: 21 years old

Picture to be taken Friday!






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