Shopping… the Valentine’s aisles

Since yesterday was MLK Day and I go to a public college (sorry AU friends), we had our first break of the semester! I had an extremely boring weekend so thank goodness my Mom and I made plans for Monday or I would’ve gone crazy.

Since we live in the middle of no where, our best local shopping is Walmart or JcPenny? So when we actually do go shopping, we have to travel a bit and make a day out of it. Sad, I know, but I suppose it helps us save money. But then there’s the internet…

So anyway, we went shopping in STL yesterday, first stop being lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (which was our usual when we had to travel to STL for my Dad all the time). Then we went through the whole mall, which always seems to be what you would call unsuccessful. I never have much luck finding clothes that a) I like b) that are in my size and c) that are on sale… whatever.

We only found a few things there and spent most of the time in Bath & Body Works and American Eagle.

If you like the smell of spring, you must get this Fresh Bamboo scented candle. It’s worth every $9.50 of it.

Also, if you don’t already use one, I would recommend a candle warmer. I know the flame of a candle is nice and all, but with a candle warmer you will get many, many hours of use. Seriously, it seems that my candles are never ending. My Kitchen Spice candle hardly has a dent in it. On the other hand, it makes the scent VERY strong so I wouldn’t use it in a small room without some fresh air too.

Then we moved on to find a Target.

It wasn’t too much trouble finding it, even without a GPS that was so conveniently left at our house. Oh and once we found Target, I didn’t have any problems finding the February 14th merchandise.

I think I did have a problem not buying one of everything.

A few things I have to say about this:

Note to self: stay away from Target during Valentine’s season, especially the dollar section.
On the other hand, don’t.. because it was fun.
Good thing I don’t live conveniently close to a Target.. or a mall for that matter.
I did have a Target gift card to use.. does that help?
Dollar items add up fast.
FYI: Target has better V-Day cards than Hallmark.
Good thing I don’t have many friends, meaning more Valentines I could give.
I told you I’m a sucker for this stuff.
This is just a peek of what I got because there may be some things must stay hidden from certain eyes.
What do guys think about receiving gifts in a bag with hearts all over it?
I can’t wait to have kids.

We also went to Michael’s after Target because I was specifically looking for something. Michael’s makes me wish I was crafty and talented, but maybe it’s a good thing I’m not. Because I would’ve bought far more than few items from there.

After Michael’s, we stopped at Pier 1 and then we were on our way back home. Well, one more stop for food, which actually turned into two because obviously I can’t read a menu. Or Culver’s can’t take a clear picture of chicken to distinguish strips from actually pieces of chicken like legs, wings, etc. ANYWAY… we made it home around 8:30 last night with tired eyes and sore feet. What? I don’t get out much.

Well, that’s true, but also I only got 7 hours of sleep the night before and my feet are really sensitive.. I was even wearing tennis shoes. Imagine if I wore heels or something of the like. My Mom would’ve been carrying me half-way through the day. Does anyone else have this problem with their feet too? I like to know I’m not the only one with weird issues. Or maybe I am…





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