Spring Semester 2010

Today marked the beginning of yet another semester.

Can you sense the excitement in my voice writing?

I’m not used to having such a short break, as in 4-5 weeks, in-between semesters. The last time I went straight from Fall to Spring was in 2007-2008. Then I had a break in Summer 2008 (kind of, besides two online classes), took the Fall 2008 semester off, started back in Spring 2009, had Summer 2009 off, went back in Fall 2009, and now… I’m back already and it’s Spring 2010! How it’s already 2010 and how it’s only my fifth semester is beyond me… weird.

Maybe if I didn’t take 12 hours at a time, I could graduate in a timely manner. But who does that?

So again this semester I have just enough hours to be considered full-time. 12 hours, which is quite enough for me. I’m enrolled in four classes: Genetics, Ecology, Environmental Physics, and Psychology of the Exceptional Child (no labs.) The layout of my schedule isn’t bad considering my earliest class is at 11 am, I only have one class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I’m finished at 2 pm on Fridays.

Today I was really frustrated because I had anxiety and it made my stomach upset most of the day. I didn’t feel anxious in my head, so I didn’t understand where my body gets these messages. I’m going to try passion flower as a natural remedy for anxiety… I saw it on Dr. Oz and then googled it. I need to do something or I’ll never make it through normal life, like going to the dentist this month (because I’m afraid they’ll threaten to extract my wisdom teeth.)

Anxiety aside, my classes were fine and I didn’t feel as intimidated as I usually do. Maybe I’m catching on to this college thing … or maybe I’m in for a good semester. I really hope both!

Oh, speaking of anxiety– I also had it yesterday. A different kind though, one that doesn’t disturb my stomach. The kind I get when I tried to study for history tests last semester or when I feel over-stimulated. It still sucks though because I can’t concentrate on anything. I think it was partly caused from being glued to my MacBook for entirely too many hours. Oops, I’m really trying to work on that now. I need to find better things to do with my time.

Prayers, hopes, wishes, and dreams for a good semester.





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