Valentine’s gifts

I’m wondering . . .

What are some of your favorite Valentine gifts that you’ve exchanged? Or, what are some good ideas that maybe you’ve seen elsewhere?

Please share! I’d love to hear.

(I’m also wondering why I always forget to type the first “n” in Valentine…)

I think it was absolutely adorable (and funny) that one of my gifts was a Parenting magazine from Ryan. I’ve always loved reading those types of magazines when I babysit so it was a very appropriate gift, even though it may sound strange. I can bet you he wouldn’t encourage it now, ha! After four years, he gets tired of me talking about babies. Poor guy.

Oh and maybe that same 2.14, but I’m not sure because I can’t keep the years straight, he gave me a Mighty Mouse in an empty chocolate heart box. I don’t like chocolates that come in boxes like that so it was funny because he tried to trick me! He’s clever.

Valentine’s 2008 he bought me a new phone… except I got it in February 2009. HA, we’re both at fault for that. Oh and I better mention that the same V-Day I “gave” him some yarn and said I’d knit a scarf… he got that almost a year later too.

Our second V-Day he bought supplies for cookie baking/decorating! I hope we’re still this cute!

Let’s see… what gifts have I given him? A few notable things… a picture of us as a small puzzle (Wal-Mart photo center), decorated drum sticks, a “professional” photo session (the pictures you see in my header right now!), pink boxer briefs, a personalized picture travel mug with chocolate covered coffee beans inside of it. I try to get creative, personal, and make it special as best as I can! Not always easy, but always fun. :o) Valentine’s is one of those holidays where pretty much anything goes, and it’s also an excuse to buy him something pink.

What’s in store for this Heart Day? (Besides distance, grrr.)

All pictures, besides the obvious, via weheartit





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