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  • My Boyfriend In Comic Form

    I’ve been meaning to post this comic that was originally posted on WooThemes … I’m pretty sure this is the only time I’ve seen my boyfriend in comic form.  Love it. :o)

  • Meet the WooThemes Community Manager

    Happy March 1st!!!  I love the month of March because it means that winter is on its way out.  I’ve seen some flowers popping out of the ground in the past week, and I can’t wait to see them bloom!  Come on spring!! This particular March is even better because….

  • Wedding Registry Miscommunication

    On Saturday I was invited to a bridal shower of my friend, Tiffany – and I also played the role of photographer!  (Why yes, I can play games and take pictures at the same time – heh.)

  • Shoot in the Snow {Outtake}

    This is what you look like after you freeze your you know what off while taking pictures in the snow…

  • Tall Vs Short

    Yesterday, a really tall friend of my parents’ that used to work with my Dad, came to our house for a visit.  He happens to be an alum from the same college I go to with a biology degree also.