My Movie Monday: Senior Goodbye

Today I am participating in My Movie Monday (yes, on a Tuesday) – a blog carnival hosted by Chrissy @ Traveling Light. Just link up with your video and you can participate too!

My Movie Monday at Traveling Light

The video I’m sharing is one I made three years ago, right before I graduated from high school. For my Comp class, we had to do a “Senior Goodbye” project. It could be anything – a poem, a speech, a slideshow- to say goodbye to our class. You could get as creative as you wanted and that’s what I tried to do. It took a little more work on my part, but it was worth it.

Since I lived and went to school here all my life (as did many of my classmates) I got out the home videos to see what I could come up with. We were supposed to include as many people in our Comp class that we could– and I realized that my idea would work because there were a lot of my classmates in the videos. So, once I watched the videos and found what I needed I had to transfer them to my computer from VHS (old school!)… start cutting clips… and putting the video together with iMovie. Not without some lessons and help from my knowledgeable boyfriend, of course. It was actually a fun project once I got going on the video! I put the song “Free Bird” as the background because it was our class song. I titled it “Class of 007: Forever Bonded.” (Get it??)

The end result was what I hoped for and I think my class really enjoyed it too.

Can you find me in the video? It’s not too difficult. ;o)





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