Late Night Rambling

Well, here we are… a few days into the month of June. Already! I am pretty depressed that I start summer classes this upcoming week. I bought my books this week and paid the bills (Yeah, I actually had to pay for summer classes as opposed to my free fall and spring semesters…welcome to real life?) One is in a classroom 5 days a week/2 hours a day for 4 weeks (West Civ)… oh and did I mention it starts at 8 AM? Wow, I think I might regret this soon. Two classes are online (Intro to Stats and Political Science) for 8 weeks. None of them are my cup of tea, but I have no choice but to take them. Preferably now, so I can graduate in three semesters. And so I can get them out of the way, yuck!

Speaking of tea, my boyfriend has been working on getting the BourgeaTEA website up and running. Among many other things, Ryan works for Chris Bourgea, a guy that also goes to Anderson University that started his own tea business. I’ll show you the website once it officially launches. Is anyone else a tea drinker? I looove iced tea, but I usually drink the cheap Lipton kind that my Mom over-steeps. But pretty soon I am going to be able to make all the high quality, loose-leaf tea I want (as long as I have some tea to make, of course.)
How? Many thanks to CSN Stores, a company consisting of 200+ online stores, where you can “shop easy” for sofas, cookware, grills, office supplies… or, you name it! They are providing me with my choice of a product to review, and the one I chose has to do with tea (or coffee, if you prefer) and I will tell you all about it really soon! I’m excited! Stay tuned.

The days and weeks go by so fast it’s hard to keep it all straight. Ryan and I went on a bike ride yesterday and today, both about 7-8 miles near my house. Today the ride was soo hard for me because of all the hills we had to climb, and the gravel roads. Also, the muscles in my legs were burning the first half mile! I whined every time I caught my breath. (Poor, poor Ryan.) I think I’ll give my legs (and his ears) a break tomorrow so they can recover. But no matter how tough the bike rides get, I’m always eager to go back out and ride again. I guess that’s a good thing? ha. It’s definitely good that I’m finally getting some exercise. I hope to also start getting my Zumba on, maybe this week!? Ryan’s Momma, Sara, is going to join the party too! Can’t wait to get started again. Oh, but my chiropractor is definitely going to see my face soon. With all this exercise, I need a major back/neck adjustment.

We went fishing from our pedal boat after our bike ride yesterday. We had to wait out a storm before our ride and before we fished. They were popping up out of nowhere! We did see two pretty rainbows though. I caught a few nice sized bass and Ryan caught a catfish and a crappie. We were going to fish again after our bike ride today, but it stormed again. So instead, my Mom treated us to dinner. This storm is still here, five hours later. Apparently the tornado sirens were going off at dinner, but we didn’t hear them. We’ve also been wanting to make s’mores, but the storms have postponed our plans. We have the materials, just waiting for the weather to cooperate! My mouth has been watering for the s’mores and I may have snuck a few marshmallows already. To top it all off, we were going to rent Alice in Wonderland tonight, but it was either sold out or not available. So much for our plans!

You’d think I was a fish out of water as badly as I’ve been wanting to go swimming lately. But guess what? We hardly have any nice options for pools around here. They are working on building a good one in this town (finally), but it won’t be done ’til next summer. I’m determined to go swimming though, no matter where I have to go!

Lately I started entertaining the idea of buying a new (used) car, but I think it’s becoming more than just an idea very quickly. I began looking for cars online and I’m starting to really like the idea. I didn’t think I was really ready to buy a new car, as I’m kind of attached to mine, but I think it’s time. And now I’m really excited! Especially because I may have already found the one. I’m in the market for a Honda Civic Hybrid, and I hope to go check one out in a few days. Possibly even buy it?! Eeek, we’ll see! You’ll hear about it if I do.

A few days ago, I was more convinced that I was about to buy a new camera, an upgrade to a dSLR from my point and shoot. Per Ryan’s recommendation, a Canon Rebel t2i. But now I may be too broke if I buy this car. Bummer… I guess I’ll have to keep stealing Ryan’s camera for a while! I just bought him a new lens for his 23rd birthday that is coming up this September. Yes, it’s a bit early, and I just bought him his presents from his 22nd birthday really late… so this time I’m making sure it’s early rather than late. Plus, I really wanted to use the lens. Ha.

I really don’t like spending money, so all this talk of purchasing big items is not really a normal thing for me. I’m still using the same computer that I bought almost 4 years ago. I’ve had my car for about 6 years, although my parents bought that. I bought my current camera 2 years ago and it was my first camera. Just some examples.

It’s almost 1:30 AM and I think that about does it for this post. I wasn’t tired when I started, but now I’m pretty sleepy! Good night (or rather, good morning when you read this… if you make it to the end of this long post.)





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