My Tuxedo Kitty

My kitten, Milo, is growing up too quickly… she is already 16 weeks old!

But she’s as cute (and wild) as ever.  I think there really is something special about tuxedo cats…

I took her to the vet for the first time three weeks ago for a check-up + shots… they commented with, “Finally, a kitten with a personality!” Yes, you could certainly say that!  She did really good though, but the shots made the poor thing sleep all day and night.  She’s due for another visit this week.

While we were gone at my Grandma’s last weekend, we left her with my Mom’s friend.  I think she missed us, but did really great away from her familiar environment!  My Mom’s friend did not want to give her back, so we had to steal her away.  :)

She sleeps with me every night now… what a spoiled kitty!  Except she probably doesn’t feel so lucky when I sometimes roll over on her and squish her.

I think she loses her toys on purpose so my Mom will buy her new ones… she is starting a collection.  She loves to carry them around in her mouth and it is the cutest thing ever!  I also bought her a much needed scratching “post” the other day… I put it in quotations because it’s an odd shaped one.  She loves it though!

Milo acts like we don’t give her water.. she will lick it off anything.. your legs fresh out of the shower, the condensation on your glass, water around the kitchen sink… oh speaking of water, showers really fascinate her.  Of course, she doesn’t want to take one herself.

She did accidentally jump in the toilet though when she thought the lid was on… right after I peed.  Lovely, just lovely.  I flipped out and had to wash her front legs.

She really, really wants to be friends with our older cats.  One of them is too grouchy to get along with any cat, one cat is a little too old to mess with her, and the other cat is starting to play with her!  So she might have made at least one feline friend after all.

She is just too cute.  I think my Mom picked out the best kitten of the litter!  She’s definitely a keeper (as if I ever questioned it…).

It’s funny how pets become a special part of the family!  Oh and, do your pets think they own/rule the house too?  :o)






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