Origins Release Party – John Tibbs Music

Early Tuesday morning, I found myself on the way to Indiana yet again!  This time, I was a passenger with Ryan’s Mom and his Grandparents.  We were en route to the John Tibbs CD release party that night and we were also Ryan’s ride back home.  He was gone playing drums for a few weeks at camps in Pennsylvania and Michigan with John Tibbs.  Those 2.5 weeks felt like forever so I was definitely excited to see him again!

Ryan thought it was just his Mom and me coming his way, but little did he know…. we got him good.  As Sara (Ryan’s Mom) was hugging Ryan when we got there, she turned him around and… SURPRISE… his Grandparents were behind him!  What a fun surprise to have his Grandparents there to support the band also!

His Mimi and Papa!  :)

The album release party was at Madison Park Church in Anderson, Indiana, where John Tibbs is hired as one of the Worship Leaders.  His fiancee, Emily, did an awesome job of planning the party!  It was in the evening, with coffee, desserts.. and of course, live music!  John and the band played 5 songs from their album Origins and it was so awesome to finally hear them all in person.  They were also selling their CD and t-shirts and I got one of each!  I also got an extra of each for my giveaway (congrats to the lucky winners!)  Of course, I asked them all to sign my CD and t-shirt… even my boyfriend.  ;o)  On your way out, you got a ‘goodie bag’ with a business card, candy, note, and flower seeds (see album art)… very cute idea!


It was such a great turn-out, with 100+ people, some family, friends, people from the Church, the producer and tech/mixer of the CD, and even a guy from the local radio station.  So much support and excitement, I was so glad to be a part of it!  Of course, I am one of their biggest “fans!”

Ryan, me, Carrie, and Todd (Todd is one of the band members).  Ohhh Ryan.

The “babes of the band”…. lol

I see someone peeking behind us?  hehe

One of the best parts… hearing them play!

My BFF, Nour, joined in on the celebration too!  It was awesome to see her twice in less than 3 weeks time.  I will even see her again in early August for my birthday/her yearly Missouri trip!  I think we are breaking long-distance friendship records and it’s pretty awesome.

Nour and her faces!

{To read Nour’s take on the evening, check out her blog!}

Ryan and his faces too!

Afterwards, the band + the band’s girls (girlfriend, fiancee, wife.. lol) + friends went out to Steak’n Shake for a late dinner and then we called it a night.  Afterall, we did have to wake up at five thirty in the morning!!!  I don’t think I’ve seen 5:30 since… well, I don’t remember.  You can’t exactly see it, since it’s still dark and all.  But yes, we had to get an early start because his Grandparents had to travel an extra three hours to their house from here.  Let’s just say I napped in the car and went to bed at 9 pm that night… (and didn’t wake up until 10:30 AM the next morning).  Whew!

Now Ryan is home again (woohoo!) for a bit, and we’ve got lots of fun things in store until he leaves again.  :)  More soon!





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  1. Saranray Avatar
    Great pictures, Mindy! I love, love the one of my parents! What a special night and a great surprise! I think we got Ryan good that time. Love you girlie!! <3

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