New Spectacles

The search is over!

After 2+ years, I’ve found new glasses that I like and at the same time, fit me nicely!  Finally! (Thanks Ryan for your help!)

They’re Candie’s half-frame, petite style (that was key!) glasses for my near-sightedness.  I don’t have to wear them all the time (yet), but wow… the world is in focus when I do wear them!  I think I look too nerdy to wear them all the time… I just can’t get used that idea!  I would wear contacts if I wasn’t so grossed out about putting them in and taking them out.  I should get over that.  Or better yet, go for Lasik.  My Dad got it done and he went from very poor vision to seeing perfectly clearly.  A-mazing.

Now I’m all ready for schoooool so I can take notes in Organic Chemistry.  *pushes up glasses*


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