September Fools!

This weekend, my Mom is showing up to her High School Reunion (30 years) like this….

*Please Note: This is a fake pregnancy belly under her shirt.  She got it at a costume shop and wore it for Halloween several years back.*

Doesn’t it look real though?  She thinks it will be funny to fool all her classmates.  I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face!  It would be hilarious to get their reactions on video!  Oh the things my Mom thinks up… haha.  ;o)

3 responses to “September Fools!”

  1. Oh. my. goodness!!!! It does look real, and I can’t imagine doing something like that! She’s got way more self confidence than I will ever have! Good for her! :0)

  2. I’m glad she’s doing this! She’s been talking about it for awhile! hahahaha
    I hope that she doesn’t give that belly to you and give you ideas…. like the April Fools she did on me. lol

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