I Need Your Thoughts!

This guest post by my lovely boyfriend was such a nice treat to wake up to the other day.  I knew he was going to guest post for me that night, but I didn’t know just how sweet it would be!  It definitely made my day.  :)


If you liked hearing from him, you might also like the idea we’re working on together.

I have a question that might give you a hint…

Please give me your feedback!  I will bribe you with a prize if I have to.

If you had a blog with your significant other, what would you call it?  Would your significant other even do such a thing?

If Ryan and I had a blog together, what would be a great name for it?  What kind of content would be entertaining for a couple’s blog?

I’ll be awaiting your ideas…

4 responses to “I Need Your Thoughts!”

  1. Hummm I am trying to be creative here….

    Here are the random things coming to mind … and some of them I am sure are not good options:

    RyMin …. rhyming…??? get it haha

    Ry and I

    ok well I only came up with 2…not very many…but lets just solve this problem with an easy solution (RYAN PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!)

    just get hitched and then you can call it The Ramblings of The Rays!!!!

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