The bad news? The weather did not permit. (Which is probably good because I still have a cough that sounds horrible. Yes, 3 weeks later.)

The good news? We have an awesome time together, rain or shine.

Friday night after I arrived…

Dinner at Anderson, Indiana’s famous restaurant, “The Lemon Drop.”  It’s a cute little diner that has been there forever, apparently.  For as much as I’ve been in Anderson, I thought it was about time I experienced it.


Mmm.. onion rings and burgers. Super healthy!


Nour came with us!  Yay!!!  (She loves to make faces in our pictures so maybe if I post them on my blog, she will stop?  Probably not, hehe.)


Aw… love this picture of us!


I had forgotten it was AU’s homecoming weekend (shouldn’t alum, like me, know this? Yeah I’m considered alum even though I didn’t graduate) and that they have handmade luminaries lining the sidewalks around campus. I LOVE, love that part!!!  It makes AU look magical.

So we went for a quick bike ride to snap a few photos…

IMG_2408 IMG_2405 IMG_2415






And also found John Tibbs, so I pretended to be the paparazzi for a minute.



Next, we drove 50 minutes to Farmland, Indiana to 1 Fun Farm to experience a corn maze for the first time.  It was a maze just to find the place, and we made it within 10 minutes of closing time.  That was a close one!

IMG_3192 IMG_3203

We chose the haunted maze and it was pretty fun!  Creepy people with chainsaws, air compressors, horns, and other scary noises tried to frighten us. I did stick pretty close to Ryan.  It went by pretty quick though (15 minutes) and we did not get lost.  Ryan has a better sense of direction than I thought!  I wish we could’ve gone in the regular maze too for the price of $24 total.



It was a bit chilly outside!  I think the first frost was this weekend.



We woke up to a chilly and rainy day.  No Monon Bike Trail for us, yet again!  Bummer!  So, we relaxed instead.

We went to Ruby Tuesday’s that night… and to the grocery store (how romantic! I decided it was time that Ryan got something besides oatmeal!)





We also went to Encore, where some brave students from AU put on performances from a certain genre of music (1980’s edition).  It was always one of my favorite events that AU held.  This time wasn’t the best, but it was still fun!

Then we picked up some donuts to eat on the hour+ drive to Todd and Carrie’s, where we stayed the night and went to Church together in Indy the next morning.

For lunch, I had Qdoba for the first time (yum!!) before we headed back to Anderson.  Oh and we splurged on a Pumpkin Spice Latte ..cause ya know, they’re only around for so long!

Ryan convinced me to stay an extra day again and skip my class on Monday.  Let’s just say it didn’t take too much convincing.

I mean, really, how could you pass him up?

Hellllloooooo angel face.

Before the sun set that evening, he took some photos of my camera strap so I could blog about it!


On Monday, I got a late start back to Missouri, but I didn’t care too much. Oh and I successfully got some Chick-Fil-A on the way home.  Always a treat!

Long story short: We had such an aMAZE-ing time… Oh sorry, is that CORNy?  (heheh, joke credit to my cousin Darah.)






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  1. Saranray Avatar
    Great pictures! Ummm…. what’s the deal eating an onion ring while talking on the phone? lol
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Lol… my Mom called me! :)
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