Mumpkin Fest

During the past few weekends, I have worked at the Flowers of the Field Mumpkin Fest (translation: a fall festival at a local greenhouse owned by my Mom’s friends).  Alongside the bounce house, hay maze, hay rides, face painting, and caramel apples, I offered a photo booth.


Fresh-cut flowers

IMG_3115 IMG_3126

I only had one participant for the photos and same for the weekend before when Ryan was here and worked with me.  That’s okay though, it was worth a shot!  Here’s the cutie that Ryan took some photos of…

And here’s the cutie I followed around for a bit snapping some pictures (because everyone knows a toddler does not hold still!)  I just wanted to share a few…






3 responses to “Mumpkin Fest”

  1. Kim Anderson Avatar
    Kim Anderson
    Man that first set of pictures are adorable! Y’all did a great job! I can’t wait for Spring so you can do a photo shot then with her! Thanks y’all did a great job!
    1. Ryan Ray Avatar
      Ryan Ray
      Yeah, seriously! I like her pumpkin straw idea, I could go for a pumpkin latte right now!
  2. Thecarozone Avatar
    So cute! And those apples hummmm:P

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