Tooting My Own Horn, Again!

One part of becoming certified to teach in Missouri is taking the CBASE (College Basic Academic Subjects Examination) and getting at least a score of 235 in each subject (unless your college requires higher, which mine does).  The different subjects you are tested on are English, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Apparently, you are supposed to know these “basic subjects,” but it is recommended that you study to refresh your memory.

My school requires that you get a score of 265 on each subject, and they encourage you to take it after you have earned 60 credit hours.  Well… I am over 100 (I’ve lost track, honestly) and I just now took the test.  Not to mention I need the score to apply for student teaching soon. You could say I put it off until the last minute… Not much time to re-take it if needed.

I got the study guides and well, they’re still sitting on my floor.  I signed up for the test for the past summer and didn’t feel like going in on a Saturday at 8 AM.  Sooo… I signed up for the one in September and decided to wing it.  No studying, notta.  I thought I’d see what happened.  Don’t try this at home.

You have 40 minutes to complete the writing section and then 1 hour and 45 minutes(?) to complete the rest of the sections.  You budget your own time, which I’m not sure is good or bad.

Needless to say, I left the 3+ hour test not feeling very confident.  It’s a standardized test so I always feel like I don’t know what to expect out of them.

I’ve anxiously been awaiting my score in the mail and I FINALLY got it today.

Drumroll please….


Best was English, worst was Social Studies.  Predictable.  Composite score of 316.  I was very pleased!!!

Next test: the PRAXIS!





4 responses to “Tooting My Own Horn, Again!”

  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    I was REAL excited to hear this over your other silly test grade ;). Just kidding you are always super smart!
  2. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    OK, Min… CBASE is like junior high choir easy compared to Praxis for Biology. Just saying. I got like an A plus on the CBASE because I took it as a sophomore and still remembered all the geography from the 7th grade Geo Bee and young adult literature. I felt embarrassed to learn that some students didn’t pass the test but were IN COLLEGE. I don’t know how I passed the Bio Praxis. Its like the most random questions about insects and intestinal lining and not anything about teaching science. I think I got a 55. I felt like I got a 12 after I was done! SO hard! But the MS science test is easy-peasy. Its really like explaining a scientific concept to another person, and often you use a diagram and a written explanation (like of photosynthesis or a lunar eclipse). I bet you will rock that test, too! I got a 98/100, and I still wonder what question I answered wrong! I guess I kind of tooted my horn here, too. But I also wave a white banner about the bio praxis. Sheesh. They let people with a 55 pass? And teach? (Thank goodness!)
  3. Saranray Avatar
    Congrats girlie! You’re on your way! Next is student teaching and Praxis.
  4. Cheryl Lefon Avatar
    Cheryl Lefon
    Way to go, but was wondering why you were worried – Knowing you, I wouldn’t worry about the Praxis either – Study though.

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