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  • Florida Vacation 2011 Video

    …Better late than never!   The highlight of my summer ~ our Florida vacation right before Student Teaching began.  I think this is becoming a tradition.  ;o)  I could only hope.

  • Lindsey Pantaleo Photography

    Near the end of the summer, Ryan & I shot two promo videos for Lindsey Pantaleo.  Lindsey is a local photographer from our hometown, who just relaunched a new website/brand for her photography business.  She is 1) super talented & 2) super fun!  Random fact: We actually were in Color Guard together in High School […]

  • Fun Summer Video

    Back in July, Ryan and I made a just for fun video of our friends Jon & Laurie.  Ryan did a winter video of them and decided we should do a summer version.  We shot it in Indiana at sunset and it involved fun summer things like water, bikes, cornfields, and fireworks!  :)  Ryan did […]

  • School’s Out (For the Summer!)

    I took an online class almost the entire summer – Organic Chemistry II – so you can’t really say I’ve had a “summer break.”  Not to mention the 4-week psych class I took in June for my minor.

  • Gunter Family Photo Session

    Back in May, I had my first M2 Photos giveaway.  (Should I have another one soon??)  Nicole was the winner, who wanted a family session with her hubby, two year old, and 4 month old.  She was really excited to get family photos as a family of four for the first time!