Lindsey Pantaleo Photography

Near the end of the summer, Ryan & I shot two promo videos for Lindsey Pantaleo.  Lindsey is a local photographer from our hometown, who just relaunched a new website/brand for her photography business.  She is 1) super talented & 2) super fun!  Random fact: We actually were in Color Guard together in High School when I was a freshman and she was a senior!  Also, Ryan & I filmed her engagement video and wedding video (stay tuned!) this summer.  We love working with her and seeing her business expand and grow.

So anyway, she had a few ideas for some promo videos, one being a short interview about her and another one showing more about her as a photographer – and even in action during a shoot.  We followed her on a photo shoot one evening and it was so much fun!  Good thing her clients weren’t camera shy because they had 3 pointing at them at all times.  ;o)

Now, go check out Lindsey’s new website/photos and the videos that we shot!  Let us know what you think – this was a first for Two Are Better.

Lindsey Pantaleo Photography
Lindsey Pantaleo PhotographyLindsey Pantaleo PhotographyLindsey Pantaleo PhotographyLindsey Pantaleo PhotographyLindsey Pantaleo Photography
Lindsey Pantaleo Photography

Fun Summer Video

Back in July, Ryan and I made a just for fun video of our friends Jon & Laurie.  Ryan did a winter video of them and decided we should do a summer version.  We shot it in Indiana at sunset and it involved fun summer things like water, bikes, cornfields, and fireworks!  :)  Ryan did the editing (the whole video is in slow-mo) and chose the song “Pumped Up Kicked” by Foster the People.  Let us know what you think!

Jon & Laurie Video 1

Jon & Laurie Video 11

Jon & Laurie Video 23

Jon & Laurie Video 13

Gunter Family Photo Session

Back in May, I had my first M2 Photos giveaway.  (Should I have another one soon??)  Nicole was the winner, who wanted a family session with her hubby, two year old, and 4 month old.  She was really excited to get family photos as a family of four for the first time!

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Outside of My Comfort Zone

On Friday night, before Ryan came into town, my Mom decided to ride her horses down the road and I decided to ride my bike alongside.  Bikes are in my comfort zone, horses aren’t so much.  I stopped every few feet and took pictures with my iPhone.  So many wildflowers along the road right now!  It was so nice to get outside and get away from homework.  This summer hasn’t allowed very much of that.

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