Christmas in November

Was yesterday the beginning of November or December?  I’m a bit confused by the mixed messages.

It was just Halloween, and suddenly, the Christmas season is upon us.

Xmas '08

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas time.  Last year I was so so sad to see it go.  But, when Christmas is pushed at the start of November, I think it takes away from it all.  Mostly because it’s all about Christmas shopping, oh my!  Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not what Christmas is all about.  In fact, for me, it’s barely a part of it.

What happened to Thanksgiving and November and the rest of Autumn anyway?

Today I turned on the TV and there were Christmas music channels already available and commercials with Christmas themes.

I got the mail and there was a Pottery Barn catalog yelling CHRISTMAS!  BUY ME!

I drove by a local truck stop on my way to school and there was a random Christmas blow-up decoration outside (it was up before Halloween actually).

Twitter, blogs, and the all of the Internet have quickly switched gears from pumpkins and costumes to The Holidays.  There are Holiday shopping guides and products everywhere, trying to grab your attention because Christmas is just around the corner!  eBay tells me there are 53 days left until Christmas.  Etsy has Christmas items on the front page.  Look for yourself, I’m not exaggerating.

Is it time to pull out the Christmas tree already?

Maybe if it wasn’t all about making money, I wouldn’t be so bitter.  It’s supposed to be about Jesus, after all.

What do you think?





3 responses to “Christmas in November”

  1. Kim Avatar
    I love Christmas too but I do agree that stuff seems to be out earlier and earlier every year and really the main reason for that is because retailers want to make more money and sooner and that’s kind of sad. I’m not religious at all so I suppose I celebrate Christmas in a more “secular” way, however you’re right in saying that the whole point of the holiday itself is about Jesus. The whole thing has certainly become more commercialized over time – I mean don’t get me wrong I love presents as much as the next person, but I’m talking like a few and when it comes right down to it it’s more important to me to spend quality time with loved ones, relax and get into the spirit of charity. Presents are nice but not as important and people have definitely lost sight of that.
  2. Mrsfuhring Avatar
    I was amazed when I saw the blow up Christmas decorations the other day too! Holy Moly…….. I also think that Christmas shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving! We have sooooo many things to be thankful for and I really think that kids are totally skipping over Thanksgiving and going straight to Christmas. Way to go Mindy – I agree :o)
  3. Sam Avatar
    totally agreeing with you. i walked into pier 1 on halloween only to see the store engulfed in christmas. though i couldn’t resist the cutest fuzzy owl ornaments. but it’s not about all the buy buy buy. i wish more people saw the true meaning.

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