New Guilty Pleasure

On Christmas Eve, at Ryan’s Grandparents, I discovered my new favorite wine.

Christmas Eve 184

It was a big hit among everyone, actually!

Christmas Eve 168

It’s a white, sparkling Italian wine.  I would describe it as smooth, subtle, sweet (but not too overwhelming), and refreshing. But be careful- because it goes down easy, almost like water.  ;-)   Also, it has only 6% alcohol content, less than usual wine!  That’s a bonus for me!

{365} Day 354

I decided I had to find myself some at home!  It wasn’t the easiest to find, but I was in luck after checking at the 4th place.  It’s called Moscato d’Asti… the brands may vary.  I found it for $15 a bottle.

I would recommend getting yourself some for the New Year!!!  It’s delightful.

Do you have a favorite wine?





3 responses to “New Guilty Pleasure”

  1. MrsFuhring Avatar
    I will have to try that!!!! And I don’t have a favorite wine…. but who knows – this might be it! Beautiful pictures of course ;o)
  2. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    Here are some wines you would also enjoy, since you like this one: Moscoto (regular, with one ice cube… really, it is good that way! the bubbles are nice, but if you can’t find the d-asti, you can probably find even somewhat local moscato) Ice Wine or Late Harvest wine – really similar and desserty and so special. And sparking. This is really fancy stuff and pricier! You’d like Stone Hill Golden Spumante … so good! Its also fruity and bubbly and easier to find. Also, half the price as the wine you mentioned. Sometimes we mix it with Stone Hill’s Raspberry juice. It is so pretty and tasty! Spumante Blush is nice, too. That would have been our wedding wine if we had had wedding wine. Its really pretty to photograph.
  3. CarrieJo Avatar
    Sounds like we have a plan now for new years haha!

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