Christmas Light Tour

On the Eve of Christmas Eve, Ryan and I ate some yummmy Mexican food, got some coffee from Panera to stay warm, and drove around looking for Christmas lights on houses.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot to see.  I guess people aren’t feeling quite as festive as the Griswold’s to put up Christmas lights on their houses.  And the local park that was decorated had already closed down.  Boo!

However, we did find one house, thanks to Ryan’s Mom, that made up for the lack of Christmas spirit.  Everyone that passed by came to stop or at least slowed down quite a bit.

What did we do?  Oh, you know, drove around it about 8 times at a very slow pace.

Ryan was trying to take continuous photos {at the speed of 8 photos per second} so he could make a video out of it.  He still didn’t get it exactly as he wanted, but hey, it’s close enough!

Looking through the viewfinder on his Canon 7D, combined with my driving, made Ryan a bit car sick.  Sooo that was about the extent of our Christmas Light Tour 2010.  The time-lapse video may make you a little motion sick too!  I apologize.  :)





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  1. CarrieJo Avatar
    We watched Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve while sipping some egg nog!!! We thought it would be appropriate since our dogs are named after THAT Russ and Audrey! :) (They enjoyed the movie as well!) I told Todd that sometimes he reminds me of Mr. Griswold during Christmas and he said that was the best compliment I have ever given him! :)
    1. Saranray Avatar
      It wouldn’t be Christmas with out watching that movie! I laugh every time! A classic!! Had no idea that’s how your dogs got their names… too cute!
  2. Saranray Avatar
    I think that was a total Griswold Christmas video! Made me laugh out loud!

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