Spring Semester 2011

I think I haven’t yet accepted that tomorrow is the start of a BUSY semester… 18 hours.  I’ve never taken that many at once!  I’m more of a 12 hour kinda girl.

BUT it’s a good thing.  I’m squeezing in my last classes before student teaching in the fall.  Hooray!  I need to turn in my application for student teaching this month and sign up for the Praxis.  The end is near!

{However, I do plan on taking one extra psychology class this summer so I can have a minor in Psychology. Hopefully I can take one online.}

In other words… this is my LAST SPRING SEMESTER EVER.  WOOHOO!  Plus, it’s like my last “traditional” semester because student teaching will be a lot different obviously.

Here’s what I’m in for this semester::

Adolescent Psychology – Should be easy as pie just like all the other Psych classes with the same professor.

Organic Chemistry II – different professor than Organic I unfortunately, not sure what to expect. At least I’m not scared anymore.  But it’s at 8 AM three days a week.  BOO!

History of Science – A silly required class, in my opinion. Enough with the history classes already!!! Also it goes until 9 pm at night.. isn’t that my bedtime since I have an 8 AM class the next day??

Teaching Methods and Skills in the Content Areas– the BIG education course at MUST that actually teaches you how to teach. It’s a 6 hour course.

Teaching Reading in Content Area- Another class that teaches you how to teach, it is usually taken BEFORE the other methods class, so it will be a lot of busy work.

OH!  During break, I found out I got a surprise scholarship this semester from the biology department.  Basically, a group of biology professors got together and decided on ONE upperclassmen to get the scholarship.  That makes me really curious as to how their conversation went during the meeting!  And I feel really honored to be the recipient!  I have been so blessed with scholarships and financial aid at MUST.  Wow.

I don’t like the Spring Semester as well as the Fall Semester (not sure why) but I know it will go by quickly as usual.  I am already missing Ryan SO MUCH and it keeps getting harder and harder to be away from him.  He moved in with our friends, Todd and Carrie, which is on THIS side of Indianapolis so he is ONE HOUR CLOSER TO ME – YAY!  Like I said, he thought he was done with school, but he has to take one more class and is currently looking for a job!  He’s all grown up now.  hehe

I sooo can’t wait to be finished too.  Yes, I am wishing away the last year of college.  So what?!  :)  I want to be with my boyfriend. ♥





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  1. Bethanyhaid Avatar
    Good luck tomorrow! Teaching Rdg in CA is actually the class that I am most qualified to teach… and what I will probably teach if I am an ed prof sometime. Its really important for you, even though most students will be under 21. Its important if you decide to teach a non Bio course, like say, MS or younger grades. You might not have had any direct reading instruction other than this class! Also, I would save a notebook of all the class work, articles, etc. Often times you will need something for your final portfolio and you don’t have time to make whole new lesson plans, and this will be really great resource for you… also, its something that I actually used a lot more to get the students to understand material. I think its more of teaching understanding and depth of knowledge for content areas. But beware, you have to think outside the box and the history and math pre-service teachers will be really cranky about this class! The work I’ve done for some similar courses have been published in Science Teacher for NSTA and also we did Science Notebooking, which I presented at at NSTA conferences.
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Thanks for the advice Bethany! Always appreciated! :) I usually keep all of my old school work from important classes so I will definitely make sure to keep it all organized from these education classes! It should be interesting to see how it goes.
  2. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    One more darned semester! Keep working hard! :)

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