Belated Christmas Post

{Christmas Eve}


We woke up to a Winter Wonderland!!!  So perfect.  Just enough snow to cover everything, but not too much where we couldn’t travel.


I also woke up with a slight cold.  Boo!  I had one last Christmas also – this better not be a tradition.  Thank goodness it wasn’t a bad one.

Christmas Eve 101

Christmas Eve 86

Christmas Eve 108

Christmas Eve 123

The main roads were clear so Sara, Ryan, and I headed to SW Missouri to Ryan’s Grandparents.

Christmas Eve 186

Christmas Eve 178

Christmas Eve 129

Christmas Eve 73 Christmas Eve 77

Christmas Eve 145

His uncle and cousin also joined us and we had a nice Christmas Eve dinner of soup and a surprise dessert to celebrate Ryan’s graduation!

We ALMOST dropped the cake.

Christmas Eve 195

Christmas Eve 196

Christmas Eve 198 Christmas Eve 206 Christmas Eve 210 Christmas Eve 212 Christmas Eve 218

Christmas Eve 153


(Except he found out he has ONE science class left to take. So I guess we’ll have to have another cake when he graduates in May!  Oh well, he’s pretty much done anyway and looking for a job. Who needs that piece of paper anyway?  Ha jk!)

Then it was time for gifts. And lots of pictures!

Christmas Eve 219

Christmas Eve 37

Christmas Eve 266

Christmas Eve 283

Christmas Eve 30


Christmas Eve 258 Christmas Eve 236

Christmas Eve 288

Christmas Eve 252

Christmas Eve 55

Christmas Eve 45

Christmas Eve 43

Christmas Eve 63



Christmas Eve 355

Christmas Eve 336 - Version 2

We watched A Christmas Story before visions of sugar plums danced in our heads.


{Christmas Day}

Drove 2 hours to Ryan’s extended family gathering in Joplin, Missouri.  It was my first time to experience their family Christmas and their famous spaghetti and meatballs.  I sat there trying to figure out who was who, and where all his family came from!  Ryan has a lot of extended family like cousins once removed and second cousins and I don’t even know the equivalent in my family!  They are all very welcoming and kind.

Whipped Lightning

Christmas Lunch

Then we drove 3 hours back home and had a big Christmas dinner (more like traditional Thanksgiving dinner) with my Mom and her BF, my brother, Ryan, & Sara!  We were pretty tired from a busy day, but it was fun!

I was so excited for Ryan to open his presents from me!

He got COAL in his stocking…heheh…made of soap!  Much to his delight, he also got a Magic Trackpad!

Christmas Dinner

We got his Mom an artificial Christmas tree for next Christmas and beyond!

Christmas Dinner

We got my Mom some new dishes and an iron!

I got a wallet from my Mom and money from my Grandma !

Christmas 137 Christmas 126 Christmas 66

Christmas 146

One of Ryan’s stocking stuffers.

Christmas 94

I was sporting my Mom’s new slippers and my Valentine’s socks.  HA.

Christmas 174

Overall, I had a very Merry Christmas.  Lots of memories, lots of fun. ♥  I hate when Christmas is over.  So sad!






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  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    Stupid lab credit… ;)
    1. Mindy Avatar
      No joke!
  2. Saranray Avatar
    Unbelievable,stupid lab credit! Who was your advisor? Mindy, pictures are great! Glad you came to experience the extended family! They love you being there!!! Me too!!!! Oh, and I LOVE my tree and can’t wait to next Christmas to decorate it!!! I wonder where that could be????

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