Historic Snow Day

The bad news: The “historic storm” didn’t deliver as I had hoped.  We were right on the line, as usual, from snow to sleet …so we mostly got freezing ice pellets that look like snow.  Maybe a total of 3-4 inches of ice/snow.  (I didn’t step a foot outside today so I’m not sure.)  Boo!  I want the 24 inches that they got in Joplin, MO (according to pictures I saw on Facebook.)

The good news: Regardless of what actually happened, I GOT MY FIRST EVER COLLEGE SNOW DAY!!!!  Not only that, but I GET ANOTHER SNOW DAY TOMORROW!!!!  You can’t tell I’m excited, can you?  Sorry tests, papers, and presentations.. but you’ll have to be put on hold for now.

I’m going to be sooo spoiled by these snow days!  Our university NEVER ever shuts down campus for snow.  It’s more like a historic snow day, instead of a historic storm!  Maybe the threat of the “blizzard” was enough to call it off.  (What the heck is a definition of a blizzard anyway because I don’t think we had one?) Honestly, who cares… I’m just glad I got to experience an official snow day before I graduate!

My cousin Darah and her BF, Micah, did go outside for a quick minute today with their dog and so I sent her out with my camera.

Then I took a picture from inside.  Heh.  :)  I am thankful for a warm house!!!!

Since we were snowed in, Darah and I made a Valentine craft today…

Blizzard 73

Blizzard 76

Blizzard 67

Blizzard 61

Come back tomorrow to find out what it was!

In the meantime…

Tell me what you do when you’re snowed in.


4 responses to “Historic Snow Day”

  1. Ryan Ray Avatar
    Ryan Ray
    Well, I got up about 9:30. Had some breakfast and started in on editing some pictures. I then ventured out in it and filmed a little. Came back in watched some movies and stayed as warm as possible!
    1. Mindy Avatar
      Can’t wait to see your video!!! I wish we could’ve snuggled. :)
  2. Ashleyredburn Avatar
    I’ve spent the time wasting time on the computer, catching up on some reading, and doing lots of kids crafts!!
  3. CarrieJo Avatar
    i know what it is and i like it! :)

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