Historic Snow Day

The bad news: The “historic storm” didn’t deliver as I had hoped.  We were right on the line, as usual, from snow to sleet …so we mostly got freezing ice pellets that look like snow.  Maybe a total of 3-4 inches of ice/snow.  (I didn’t step a foot outside today so I’m not sure.)  Boo!  I want the 24 inches that they got in Joplin, MO (according to pictures I saw on Facebook.)

The good news: Regardless of what actually happened, I GOT MY FIRST EVER COLLEGE SNOW DAY!!!!  Not only that, but I GET ANOTHER SNOW DAY TOMORROW!!!!  You can’t tell I’m excited, can you?  Sorry tests, papers, and presentations.. but you’ll have to be put on hold for now.

I’m going to be sooo spoiled by these snow days!  Our university NEVER ever shuts down campus for snow.  It’s more like a historic snow day, instead of a historic storm!  Maybe the threat of the “blizzard” was enough to call it off.  (What the heck is a definition of a blizzard anyway because I don’t think we had one?) Honestly, who cares… I’m just glad I got to experience an official snow day before I graduate!

My cousin Darah and her BF, Micah, did go outside for a quick minute today with their dog and so I sent her out with my camera.

Then I took a picture from inside.  Heh.  :)  I am thankful for a warm house!!!!

Since we were snowed in, Darah and I made a Valentine craft today…

Blizzard 73

Blizzard 76

Blizzard 67

Blizzard 61

Come back tomorrow to find out what it was!

In the meantime…

Tell me what you do when you’re snowed in.

Public House Brewery

My Aunt and my Cousin & her BF have almost been here for 2 weeks now.  Ryan was here for almost one week too, but he had to leave for another job interview.  They all have made January, and my first few weeks of classes, much more enjoyable!  I don’t like winter, or the Spring Semester, so anything to break up the long winter is much appreciated!  So that explains my lack of blogging lately because I’ve been trying to keep up with my 15 hours of classes at the least.  :o)

We haven’t been out of the house too much (except me, for classes).  My Aunt has been sick with a bad cold so that’s part of it.  Plus, what’s there to do around here in the wintertime besides blow up Gingerbread Houses?

Last weekend, we decided to check out Public House Brewery, the new and local brewery around here.  They were having their grand opening with lots of bands, including a local band that Ryan used to play drums with.  So that’s what Darah (my cuz), Micah (her bf), Ryan (my bf), and I did last Saturday night.  It was a pretty fun night!  We saw quite a few people we knew (from high school and such) so apparently we weren’t the only ones with the idea!  Like I said… what else is there to do around here?

Did I mention I don’t like beer?  ha

Darah made me order a beer.  Actually she ordered one for me so I wouldn’t back out.  I could only drink half of it, and so I made Ryan drink the rest.  He likes (good) beer, whereas I prefer wine.

I got the Kolsch (your standard light beer), Ryan got the APA (citrus-y), and Darah and Micah got the stout (which actually tasted like coffee/chocolate going down).

Oh we also got a tour/lesson/behind the scenes look on how they made our beer.

Here’s some pictures from our evening out…

But first, a photo op with my Mom before we left.

Public House Brewery 75

Public House Brewery 64

Public House Brewery 2

At the brewery… the lighting was horrible so excuse the grain.

Public House Brewery 173

Public House Brewery 92 Public House Brewery 123 Public House Brewery 108 Public House Brewery 115 Public House Brewery 132 Public House Brewery 125

Public House Brewery 149

Public House Brewery 143

Public House Brewery 168

Public House Brewery 154

Table Rockin’ It Up

Three weekends ago, Sara (Ryan’s Mom), Ryan, and I took a 3-hour road trip to Table Rock Lake (Branson, MO) to visit his Grandparents.  I had been there once before (3 years ago) and I was glad to return!  Ryan’s Uncle (Sara’s brother) and cousin were there too.  Ryan’s family is really sweet and I feel really comfortable around them.  I love his Grandparents house too; they have arguably the best view on the Lake!  We just stayed one night, so it was a quick trip, but we fit in as much fun as we could!!

Ryan’s Mom and Grandma.  Aren’t they adorable in their glasses?  Both are super sweet!

Ryan’s Mimi and Papa :)

Their pretty kitty, Tom.

After we got there and unpacked, Ryan and I went to a “beach” (rocks, not sand) to swim for a little bit before dinner.  The water was warm and it’s really pretty too!  It’s the bluest lake in Missouri (according to my Ecology prof).

My sun-bathing babe.. hehe

Then we got ready to celebrate Ryan’s cousin’s birthday at Famous Dave’s (BBQ). I had never had Famous Dave’s before, and I found out their ribs were very tasy!  I ate them with a fork too, isn’t that like against all rib-eating rules?  :)

The restaurant was at “The Landing,” this adorable outdoor place in Branson with lots of shops, restaurants, etc.   Afterwards, we went to Coldstone Creamery and we were all so stuffed full that Ryan, Sara, and I shared some Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!  Hello, high calorie goodness!

Branson, MO

Ryan’s Uncle and Cousin

They brought out a birthday dessert with an awesome sparkler candle!!!

Ryan, what’s that face for?  He must be scared of the bear behind us.

Some country band playing with sweet water fountains behind them

The next morning we woke up bright and early for Church and then went directly to breakfast afterwards.  I think that half the church goes to the same restaurant!!

After that, we back back to his Grandparents and decided that Ryan and I wanted his Grandpa to take us fishing.  He has a fishing boat, poles, etc so we were all set.  All three of us love fishing, and even though his Grandpa is the pro, Ryan outfished him and me both!

He caught the smallest, the biggest, and the most.

I’m sporting some wind blown hair!

And Ryan is sporting John Tibbs apparel.   {Please enter to win some here!}

I don’t think I can say this enough… he is too cute and sweet!  Love him.  :)

Ryan’s beauty he caught

Baby fish

After four hours of fishing in the hot sun, with nothing but breakfast in our bellies, we headed back home late afternoon.  But not without a stop for some much needed food and a quick stop at the Gap Outlet.

A great time was had by all!

SIDE NOTE: On the way there, we stopped at Schlotzsky’s (YUM, a rare treat!) and my friend, Jennifer and her husband Chaz, met us there.  I hadn’t seen her/talked to her in a long time!  So that was a little added bonus to catch up with her for a bit!

Rick Merenghi: Obituary

Wow!! … 7 people have googled my Dad in the past few days and clicked on my blog because it’s the first result and only one that is relevant. A few were looking for the obituary so I will post it here incase someone else stumbles upon it.

You are so loved and missed Dad.

Rick S. Merenghi, of St. James, MO, passed away Saturday, August 1, 2009, after a courageous two-year battle with cancer. He was 50 years old.

Rick was born in Maryville, MO to surviving proud parents Frank and Willa Merenghi. He attended Maryville High School, and during this time met his high school sweetheart and love of his life, Janice Wells. After graduation he earned certifications in electricity and electronics at the Maryville Vocational Technical Institute. He married Janice, in May 1981. They were blessed with a daughter, Mindy, 21 y/o, and a son, Steven, 17 y/o.

Rick and Janice settled in the Rolla/St. James area in 1985. He was the Director of Facilities Maintenance at Mercy Medical Group (now St. John’s Clinic) for ten years before joining Brewer Science, Inc. At the time of his death, Rick was the Plant Engineering Manager for Brewer Science, where he was highly esteemed and admired. He received an engineering excellence award and special public recognition from a St. Louis engineering firm for his outstanding work on and contributions to Brewer Science’s new facility.

Rick was a self made man. His career path took him from an appliance and TV service technician, to a carpenter on custom home construction and remodeling, to health care equipment and facility maintenance to engineering management in plant operations. In addition, he did general contracting on the side. He was an accomplished, meticulous craftsman. He constantly challenged himself to conquer new and different projects. Because of his brilliance, his construction and maintenance services were always in demand. He enjoyed woodworking and tinkering in his workshop. He built a beautiful home for his family in rural St. James. He and his wife enjoyed the simple pleasures of life and marriage. Classic car restoration has been a life long hobby for him. His trademark to the world was his brilliant wit and sense of humor. He was a dedicated father and husband and shared a heart-connection with both of his children.

Rick is survived by his wife Janice, and two children, Mindy and Steven, his parents, Frank and Willa Merenghi and his mother-in-law, Margaret Wells. Those who mourn him include his sisters, Marcie Giarrizzo, Francine Merenghi (and Jim Sowers), Marla Merenghi (and Al DelRosario), one brother, Vinnie Merenghi (and Ann Merenghi), and one brother-in-law John Wells (and Eve Wells). He also leaves behind his Aunt Mary Jane Merenghi and many nieces and nephews; Todd, Karen, Emily, & Grace Nelson, Joel Merenghi, Michael & Rachel Merenghi, Meredith & Ben Yonker, Darah McJimsey, Christy, Christian & Amelia Chesnut, Mitchell Nelsen, and Austin and Cameron Wells, and many wonderful friends who enriched his life.

A Celebration of Life will be held at Meramec Springs Park (Pavilion C) on Saturday, August 8, at 1 p.m. Friends and family are requested to bring their own lawn chair, and are encouraged to dress casually. In lieu of flowers, donations to a memorial fund for Rick’s children have been requested. Donations may be sent to Town & Country Bank of St. James, MO; pay to the order of Memorial Fund of Steven & Mindy Merenghi.