Confession: I’m Addicted to Almonds

10 Signs that I’m an Almond Addict

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  1.  I buy several 1 lb bags at once.  If I could buy them in bulk, I would!
  2.  I’m loyal to the Kroger brand (whole, raw almonds) and I won’t settle for less.
  3.  I eat them first thing in the morning and then try to limit myself the rest of the day.  You know, like a few for lunch, dinner, snack, etc.  ;)
  4.  They can be found in my car, room, kitchen, purse… depending on where I am at the time.
  5.  If I run out, I make a special trip to the store just for almonds.
  6.  I may have googled “Can you eat too many almonds?”  (and found out I’m not alone!)
  7.  Any mention of them makes my mouth water.
  8. People around me have become addicted to almonds (ahem, Ryan).
  9.  My weight gain of 10 lbs in the past year may be correleated with my addiction to almonds.  Afterall, they do contain 14 g of fat per serving size – and I’m pretty sure my serving size has more!
  10. I blog about them!!!  :)

I guess the good news is… they are healthy!!  (In appropriate amounts that is…haha).  Now are you craving them!?!  Seriously, they are a great snack!  But you can’t say I didn’t warn you…





[box type=”note”]I would like to dedicate this post to Nour Sadek – I’m not sure that she knows this, but I blame my almond addiction on her!  A couple years ago she made me a meal with almonds… and look where I am now!  ;)[/box]

7 Replies to “Confession: I’m Addicted to Almonds”

  1. you’re most welcome for the addiction….one day, i may have the pleasure of returning the favor in frozen yogurt haha

  2. Dear Mindy, I have searched and searched on the internet to find out WHY I am addicted to almonds–I have put on 25 lbs in the space of a few months, and other than the almonds eat healthy–chocolate or chips occasionally before my period-NEVER EAT FAST FOOD. I am exactly like you–it is like an asthmatic with their inhaler..they are in my purse, book bag, glove compartment–if i drop them on the floor of my house or in my car, i pick them up as if they were gold! I have never in my life been so addicted to anything, eating up to 5-6 single serving plain roasted almonds (eq: 210 ca from Trader Joes). I’m crazy because I can’t find anything. I know I just have to stop buying them–I will eat them even when I am completely full after dinner. So many website suggest them for appetite control–but the key is they are doing these in CONTROLLED SCIENTIFIC STUDIES. That is what they are allowed and I know from experience they are wrong. If anyone can answer SPECIFICALLY what the deficiency might be–I take a women’s multivitamin, fish oil, ginko, vitamin d, chromium picalonate and before my period a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement. Please don’t answer with judgment or things that do not pertain to my question–that is why i rarely post on these things, e.g..”Well my uncle had an almond grove” I made an art design solely from almonds”, “My dog loves almonds, but I know they’re not good from him…etc, etc. Many thanks for anyone who has a SPECIFIC answer to my questions!

  3. Nice little post. it made me realize that I’m not that addicted to almonds. lol you really have an issue.
    if I eat one that’s when the problem starts as I keep grabbing more but I usually stop when my molars are hurting from masticating them.

    I’m gona try grinding them in a food processor or making more almond milk. maybe this will help.

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