Outside of My Comfort Zone

On Friday night, before Ryan came into town, my Mom decided to ride her horses down the road and I decided to ride my bike alongside.  Bikes are in my comfort zone, horses aren’t so much.  I stopped every few feet and took pictures with my iPhone.  So many wildflowers along the road right now!  It was so nice to get outside and get away from homework.  This summer hasn’t allowed very much of that.



Then on the way home, I (bravely) decided to leave my bike at my Mom’s friends house and ride one of her horses back with her.  It sounded like a good idea until I got on the horse and remembered why I didn’t ride horses.  The fear set in – of heights, of letting a huge animal ultimately be in control.  But, I faced my fear.  I left my bike behind and my comfort zone.

On a horse BY MYSELF (still though, with a lead rope in my Mom’s hands – just for that extra level of safety) we road the backroads starting from sunset into the dark night.  I may have freaked out anytime the horse twitched, but I made it!!!!  I was quite relieved when I safely got back on the ground.  :)

The next night, when Ryan was in town, we had planned to go fishing in the pedal boat for the first time this summer.  My brother just cleaned it up and so we got everything ready, went to the local lake, and unloaded it all.  ….Only to find out that the plug was missing for the boat.  We loaded everything back up, searched and searched, and found nothing.  I was really bummed, and I hope we can find a replacement!

So as my Mom was getting out the horses, I joked that RYAN needed to get on the horse.  He hadn’t been on a horse in about 10+ years, and honestly I didn’t know if he would do it.

Ha- why would I doubt him?!   Ryan can do anything!  He got on that horse like a true cowboy and then I somehow ended up on a horse again.  Although this time, I rode double with my Mom while Ryan rode alongside us on the other horse. I felt so much more comfortable holding on to my Mom and letting her be in charge of the horse.  We took a short ride and then came back and gave the horses a bath.

Last night we did something more so in my comfort zone.  We went fishing for the first time this season!!!!  (Without the pedal boat unfortunately, but fun nonetheless).  I caught two big bass and Ryan caught… none.  I think the fish were being shy!

We also made homemade frappuccinos while he was here.  Surprisingly, they tasted quite similar to the real thing!  We used this source for the recipe and I would highly recommend it!

Homemade fraps!!!

Ryan had to go back to Indiana to work, work, work (he is a bit behind), but I so wish he could’ve stayed because I love hanging out with him!!!  So much fun things to do during the summer.  ♥

{All photos taken & edited with my iPhone}






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  1. MrsFuhring Avatar
    Awesome pics!!!! Love them all :o) And it totally freaks me out to be on a horse too….
  2. Sara Avatar
    Ryan looks so funny on that horse with an iphone in his hand, It just doesn’t seem to go together. Great pictures with the iphone!

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