Are You My Mother?

Tonight when my Mom was mowing the yard, she spotted a baby bird on the fence.  I grabbed my awesome new lens, the Canon 135 2.0L, and ran outside to take a picture.  I started far back and kept getting closer and closer, not sure if it would fly away.  It was so ugly it was cute!  Can you tell what kind of bird it was??

Baby cardinal 4

Baby cardinal 9

Baby cardinal 11

Baby cardinal 18

We figured out it was a baby Cardinal, as we saw it “hop” off the fence and get scolded by it’s Mom & Dad.  I’m glad it wasn’t a lost baby bird because it was still learning how to fly!

P.S. – I love my new lens!!!!!





3 responses to “Are You My Mother?”

  1. Sara Avatar
    Awesome pictures with your new lens! He/she is pretty ugly just enough to be cute!
  2. Emily Tibbs Avatar
    Emily Tibbs
    ah. i love it! and i love that book.
  3. Rahul Sharma Avatar
    Rahul Sharma
    Wow…. sharp capture… awesome shot :)

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