First off- click over from your Reader & check out my updated blog design!  Ryan made a few little changes and I’m really liking them!  What do you think?  And speaking of WooThemes (since, of course, my blog is sporting one of their themes)…

My boyfriend, Ryan, recently met his co-workers/bosses, traveled out of the country, flew on a commercial flight, & visited the UK – all for the first time!!! Yes, the WereWOOlves (WooThemes team) were in London together for a week – for a “work” trip that was mostly play.  ;)

I didn’t get to talk to Ryan much when he was there, but I starting following all of his co-workers on Twitter and was constantly on the look for new pictures of Ryan (stalker!).  I loved hearing about his trip when he got back.  I think it’s so awesome that they are from different parts of the world – US, South Africa, Norway, Portugal, UK –  yet they have so much in common.  ‘Tis a small world.  It sounds like they got along just like they were old friends.

I’m so glad that Ryan has the unique opportunity to work for WooThemes and get to know these great guys that he wouldn’t otherwise know!

With all this being said, Ryan took video clips while they were in the UK and he put together another one of his great videos.  I love hearing about the trip, but seeing them in action is even better!  Check it out here or click over to see it on WooThemes’s blog.


WereWoolves In London from WooThemes on Vimeo.





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