My 23rd Birthday!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday (say what!?) and I had such a fun day celebrating with my Mom, brother, Ryan, & Sara.  :o)  I love birthdays – they are such a special day and a great reason to celebrate life.  I especially love that I was an August baby – yay for summertime birthdays!

Yesterday sure felt like summer.  I think it was one of my hottest birthdays to date!  I think the high was 104 degrees – whew!  We tried to stay cool this year.

Here’s my birthday documented with my iPhone…

It started with a morning swim (adult swim @ the local pool). So fun!  My brother joined us for that.


Then we picked up Jimmy John’s for lunch.  Turkey Tom- YUM!


Then I opened up cards/gifts.  Ryan’s Mom, Sara, gave me the most thoughtful gift!  Since I started student teaching in a few weeks (whoa!) she bought me a TON of (colorful) goodies like pens, pencils, notebooks, post-it notes, etc so I am at least half-way prepared.  She put cute little notes with each one too.  Ryan is going to buy me a dress of my choice & take me on a trip to Florida (if we have time?!)  He knows me well!  :D


Mom Ryan and me




Then we made iced coffee & took a little mid-day work “break.”  I did my Organic Chemistry II homework (BOO!).  It didn’t take too long thankfully, but I never have homework on my birthday!


We also made birthday cake pops – chocolate this time!  Yummy.



Cake pops

Cake pops

Then we went to get birthday drinks & appetizers/salads at Sybill’s (local fine-dining establishment).  I got the Dragon Berry Spritzer & Sara got the raspberry mojito.  It ended up being our dinner.  They brought Sara & I birthday desserts with a candle.  Yes, Sara’s birthday is on Thursday – Happy Early Birthday!! We share the same birthday week so we get double the fun!

What a great day.  ♥



Ice cream dessert






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  1. Sara Avatar
    You’re so cute and it’s such fun to celebrate with you special girl! Love you bunches!!!
  2. Sara Avatar
    Oh, and I think it’s funny that you got the only other person in the restaurant that was celebrating his birthday in a picture too! I also hoped that you saved me a cake pop for tomorrow!!! They look yummy!

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