Lindsey Pantaleo Photography

Near the end of the summer, Ryan & I shot two promo videos for Lindsey Pantaleo.  Lindsey is a local photographer from our hometown, who just relaunched a new website/brand for her photography business.  She is 1) super talented & 2) super fun!  Random fact: We actually were in Color Guard together in High School when I was a freshman and she was a senior!  Also, Ryan & I filmed her engagement video and wedding video (stay tuned!) this summer.  We love working with her and seeing her business expand and grow.

So anyway, she had a few ideas for some promo videos, one being a short interview about her and another one showing more about her as a photographer – and even in action during a shoot.  We followed her on a photo shoot one evening and it was so much fun!  Good thing her clients weren’t camera shy because they had 3 pointing at them at all times.  ;o)

Now, go check out Lindsey’s new website/photos and the videos that we shot!  Let us know what you think – this was a first for Two Are Better.

Lindsey Pantaleo Photography
Lindsey Pantaleo PhotographyLindsey Pantaleo PhotographyLindsey Pantaleo PhotographyLindsey Pantaleo PhotographyLindsey Pantaleo Photography
Lindsey Pantaleo Photography






2 responses to “Lindsey Pantaleo Photography”

  1. Chrissy Avatar
    She is amazing!  I think it’s neat that you took pictures of her taking pictures! :)
  2. Kari Thompson Avatar
    Kari Thompson
    i love the video’s they are great- the second video was easier to listen too- i found myself trying to hear the story – it got lost behind the snappy singing, I wished  the song was more in the back ground, the second video it was easier to hear the story, which is the point

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