Wooden Christmas Light Garland

I was going to try to find vintage Christmas lights to cover in glitter (found via Pinterest- see below) but I found something even better!

Source: blog.craftzine.com via Mindy on Pinterest


I found these little wooden Christmas lights at the local craft store.  They were too adorable to pass up at 39 cents each.  I thought it’d be fun to paint them and make them sparkle with glitter!

I had acrylic paint in a variety of colors, and bought two classic Christmas colors- red & green.  I painted each light a different color, and sprinkled them with gold glitter dust (it worked better than regular glitter in this case).  I painted the bases of the lights black too, and then decided to tie them onto a green yarn to make garland!

Easy & fun little project to add some Christmas cheer to the house.  You could also just display them in a little jar or dish on the table.  :)

P.S. – Thanks Ryan for photographing my lights!








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    Super super cute!!!

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