Felt Christmas Light Garland DIY

I got this idea from a similar paper garland that I colored while I was observing 6th graders.  :)  I thought, ‘Hey, I can do that with felt!’  So here’s what I did to make this garland…

First, I traced lots of little lightbulb shapes out of different colors of felt.  You can find templates online.  I made an extra space at the top of the bulb to glue on the other part.

Then I cut out a lot of black rectangles and glued each side to the light bulb so there was a space in the middle of the rectangle.  The reason for the space was to string some yarn through them and make garland!  So just make sure the space is big enough to easily string the yarn, and the lights will pretty much stay in place.  I also decided to add some glitter around the light bulbs (using Mod Podge) just to give them that extra sparkle!

Hang up and enjoy!  :)







2 responses to “Felt Christmas Light Garland DIY”

  1. Sara Ray Avatar
    Sara Ray
    Way to add some Christmas flare to the apartment! Adorable!!
  2. Designed-Opinions Avatar
    Stunning absolutely love this and kids can help too

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