Crafty Christmas Trees

My inspiration for my Crafty Christmas trees came about from a few different sources.  I loved these ideas that I saw (see below) and wanted to make my own versions.

Source: via Janalyn on Pinterest


Source: via Mindy on Pinterest


I bought three different sizes of floral foam cones and made each tree a little different.

For the biggest tree, I pinned on circles of felt to look like ruffles.  It took 16 sheets of felt and a lot of time to cut out all of those circles!  But it was worth it ~ so pretty!  I then added little jingle bells as ornaments, a pretty sequin ribbon for garland, and some glitter as snow.  Then a bow on top to complete it.

For the smallest tree, I wrapped the cone in green yarn, glued on tiny pom poms for the ornaments, and added a mini bow to the top.  I also painted a very small plant pot to put underneath the tree.

For the middle sized tree, I also painted a plant pot to put underneath it.  I wrapped the tree in white yarn, but covered the whole thing in silver glitter.  (I LOVE glitter!) I also added tiny pom poms to it as ornaments and added a little star to the top.

Now I have a cute display on little Christmas trees. I’d love to make more – like a pinecone tree, a fabric tree, a jingle bell tree — the sky is the limit!

Any other ideas?!?






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