Dream Catchers

I don’t know if I’m just now noticing them, or if they’re becoming trendy … but I’m starting to see dream catchers everywhere!  Obviously they have a history that goes way back in Native American traditions and I love that they’re still around.

Whether or not you think they catch bad dreams and allow only good dreams to slip down across the feathers, they are still a neat handmade decoration.  I know the meaning behind them is probably much more deeper than just that, but I am not too familiar with it.  I love the idea of them though – so whimsical & charming!

Here’s a few favorites I’ve seen around lately, including illustrations of them and DIY.  I’m convinced I need to make one now.  But- we have a window above our bed.  Does it work if we still put it next to our bed? :o)

What special details would you put on your dreamcatcher?  I love the DIY ones made with doilies.  

Dream Catcher Print via Small Talk Studio on Etsy

Dream Catcher DIY via Prydelig

The Dream Catcher – No.2 Poster via ParadaCreations on Etsy

Dream Catcher DIY via A Creative Mint (Instructions)





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