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  • Dream Catchers

    I don’t know if I’m just now noticing them, or if they’re becoming trendy … but I’m starting to see dream catchers everywhere!  Obviously they have a history that goes way back in Native American traditions and I love that they’re still around. Whether or not you think they catch bad dreams and allow only […]

  • Hand-Carved Stamps

    I was searching Etsy for hand-carved stamps, as Ryan and I are looking into packaging ideas for Two Are Better, and I remembered how much I love stamps!  They’re not the most practical thing, but they are oh so cute. I wish I could have a stamp collection – but what would I stamp?  The […]

  • Yarn Wreath Giveaway- Winner!

    I apologize that I am announcing the winner to my Yarn Wreath Giveaway 2.5 weeks later… but time slipped away from me!  This whole month has, actually.

  • I Spy Hearts On Etsy

    Sometimes it takes so much self-control not to click “buy” on Etsy… Agree? Good thing there’s a favorite button so I can at least click something!

  • Birthday Party Photography

    Birthday Party Photographer For Hire