Guide to the Perfect Cup of Coffee

We may have our fair share of differences as any couple does, but one thing that we have in common is our love of coffee. It’s our morning ritual that we share together, rain or shine. We even have a corner of the kitchen dedicated to making the perfect cup at home.  Our Starbucks gold cards are proof that it’s a frequent stop when we’re on the road. We’d probably open up our own shop if we had any spare time (ha).  Any fellow coffee lovers out there?

It’s taken us a few years to find the recipe to the perfect cup of coffee, but we think we’ve mastered it. All of our guests who visit us seem to enjoy it too. Come on by and we’ll make you a fresh cup.  :o)

Or – just take our word for it, and go ahead and make the jump! Here’s what we recommend:

1) You need some good coffee beans to begin with! We love Trader Joe’s coffee and of course, the tried & true Starbucks. Their new blonde roast is great!

2) The Adagio electric kettle – Believe it or not, boiling water will burn your coffee!  Sadly, you’re probably accustomed to the burnt taste. For the best brew, you want a water temp around 180-200 degrees. The Adagio kettle allows you to control the temperature of water and heats it up quickly.  How’d we ever live without it?!

3) The Bodum coffee grinder – Beans start going stale the minute they are ground. Do yourself a favor and grind your own beans for the freshest beans possible. With this grinder, you can adjust how much coffee you want + the type of grind.

4) The Chemex coffee maker – Set aside your automatic drip or your Keurig and use this simple piece of glass to make your coffee. No electricity required – just a paper filter. You have control of how much you make (a cup or a pot) and how strong it is.  In just a few minutes, it comes out tasting smooth with no hint of bitterness. Even our friend Carrie, who drinks coffee with her creamer, drank this coffee black.*  A how-to post coming soon!

*Add a little bit of half & half to top it off if you don’t like your coffee black.

Did we convince you yet?

Now, all we need is this coffee print for our kitchen and our coffee station will be set!

Source: via Mindy on Pinterest






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