While Ryan was away…

This weekend, Ryan was in Tennessee playing drums with John Tibbs. I was never really great at being “home alone,” but I decided to be brave and try to make the best of it!  Technically, I wasn’t “alone” because we have two cats who lovingly like to bother me.  I was glad Ryan was only gone for 48 hours though because it was a little too quiet around here!

Here’s what I did while Ryan was away…

Went to Trader Joe’s and took my sweet time looking around.  Got some new things to try – like their sweet potato fries- YUM!

Went to Michael’s (shame, shame!) and picked up a few things.  ;)

Got a Chick-fil-a sandwich for dinner. Mmmm, my favorite.

Made a gourmet lunch for myself.

Spent way too much time on Pinterest and not enough time checking things off our to do list.

Hijacked Ryan’s computer, turned up the speakers, & listened to a song on repeat that is old to him, new to me.

Hogged the bed.

Stayed in my PJ’s all day, showered, got back in new PJs.

Did a little crafting.

Blogged about our wedding colors.

What do you like to do when you have the house to yourself?

3 responses to “While Ryan was away…”

  1. You seriously made that dinner for yourself?!  That’s awesome girlfriend!  I wish I was motivated to make dinner like that…ever.  We don’t eat a full meal like that unless the ENTIRE family is home…which is rare during bball season!  Good for you!

  2. Sometimes it’s just nice to have time to yourself. Makes you appreciate the one that was gone that much more.

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